Sit Down and Shut Up – The Restrictive Nature of Classrooms and Lectures

An insightful post from one of my students on the value of lectures. Nice to know that there are students who question the current prevalence of lectures, and not just the likes of you and I.

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Since the beginning of my educational life, I have always been taught using a lecture style format and a strict no talking (without permission) policy. I would enter the classroom where I would take a seat and wait for my name to be called out. Once the register has been taken, I was not allowed to talk or even think about anything else for around five hours in a day. My attention had to be solely on the teacher and I was shouted at if I did anything else. This ritual of sitting on my butt in silence for five hours a day continued for 14 years of my life, up until I came to university, where for the first time I was taught using more effective methods and encouraged to learn independently. I am still given lectures for some of my modules in university, but luckily some of my…

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One thought on “Sit Down and Shut Up – The Restrictive Nature of Classrooms and Lectures

  1. Well, that is why we now speak about ‘Facilitators’ . This allows for greater interaction; exploratory questions are asked and students explore whatever issues placed on the table. You find that this is a teacher/leaner environment where individuals learn from each other.


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