The Birth of Collaborative Learning and Empowerment In Higher Education

Great thoughts about blogging from a students perspective.

How You Consume

The purpose of this post will be to identify the strengths of using blogging as a method of assessment within Higher Education. It is important to use various methods of testing in University that can be made applicable to the real world. This post will show that using blogs as a method of assessment, is not only beneficial for assessment, but is also an assessment method that can increase intrinsic motivation within the student.


When using technology within education it makes collaborative learning an easier process. Duffy and Bruns (2006) explained in their research how through the use of blogs, wikis, and RSS (Rich Site Summary) students are encouraged to interact with one another, and with the wider world. This allows for peers to assess each other’s work, learn from each other, interact with literature, and reflect on their progress. The use of technology within education promotes all of…

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