2 thoughts on “Music Model (again)

  1. Can you give us some examples of practices that support autonomy? Maryellen Weimer offers students choices about which assignments to complete. What other things can be done?


  2. The most success I have had with this (I have to admit that I designed the module around the entire MUSIC model) is my Psych in Education module (I changed the name from the Science of Education). What I do is set the parameters for the class in a single one hour lecture, and then the students write weekly blog posts about the topic. They also deliver 15 minute talks (10 min talk, 5 min discussion – recorded and uploaded to YouTube) every other week (non-assessed) in a conference style atmosphere with four talks going at once.

    The parameters are either applying principles of learning found in psychology, and applying them to formal educational settings, or looking at educational practices and considering what (if any) principles of learning might be served by the practice. Their first three topics are their choice, and then they need to write three posts about a particular topic, and finally, write a synthesis of their topic. The only post I specify is their final post – what have you learned in this class. They don’t write about the topics in this post, but write about their experiences of learning in an autonomous manner. Great class (see: http://psychineducation.wordpress.com/).

    That’s a single example that I know and love. Other lecturers here at Bangor are dipping their toes in the water and trying aspects, but no one has gone all the way. I would love to see this one tried elsewhere.


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