Usefulness and Interest


One thought on “Usefulness and Interest

  1. The distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation is because the outcomes of the activity Will bring either pleasure or avoidance. Self determination as cited by (Deci and Ryan, 1985), intrinsic motivation is the inclination towards the spontaneous interest, exploration and mastery of New information. Individuals instincts towards intrinsic motivation stems from motivation by the strength of offering choices on how tasks are completed. This is key in my opinion on how individuals learn and adapt to stimuli. Again as cited by the above authors the benefits of intrinsic motivation occur when individuals who have intrinsic and extrinsic motivation have the same PERCIEVED competence and self efficacy. (Bandura, 1984) stated that self efficacy works when the model of Behaviour is done by someone who the pupil/individual can identify with. Success is judged by the role of the model.


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